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The Legacy of General Sir Redvers Buller VC GCB
(7 December 1839 - 2 June 1908)

General Sir Redvers Buller was supreme commander of the entire British force based in Natal at the inception of the Second Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. Setting aside his failures and weaknesses in the first stages of the War, at least one historian has been kinder to General Buller's tarnished reputation and wrote the following about him :

"Buller's achievements have been obscured by his mistakes. In 1909, a French military critic, General Langlois, pointed out that it was Buller, not Roberts, who had the toughest job of the war - and it was Buller who was the innovator in countering Boer tactics. The proper use of cover, of infantry advancing in rushes, co-ordinating in turn with creeping barrages of artillery: these were the tactics of truly modern war, first evolved by Buller in Natal." (Thomas Pakenham)

Places of Interest In Ladysmith

  • The town of Ladysmith featured very prominently in the Anglo-Boer war (1899-1902) and is subsequently steeped in history. The Siege Museum, situated next to the Ladysmith Town Hall, is definitely worth a visit as well as several other memorial sites and monuments located around the town. Other historical places of interest in Ladysmith include the Mahadma Gandhi Memorial and the Soofie Mosque.
  • The Ladysmith Country Club, which offers golf, squash and bowls, is but a stones throw away from Buller's Rest Lodge.
  • Guests can also enjoy short, scenic walks with wonderful views of the Drakensberg from the lodge.
  • Ladysmith has a selection of restaurants which are located within a 5 minute drive from the lodge.

Places of Interest Around Ladysmith

  • The Spionkop Nature Reserve or the Nambithi Conservancy are both short distances from Ladysmith and offer game viewing.
  • The Central and Northern Drakensberg mountain ranges are within an hour and a half's drive from Ladysmith.
  • Historical battlefield tours of the Anglo-Boer or Anglo-Zulu wars with registered SATOUR guides can be arranged by request.

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